Saturday, April 07, 2007



I feel the strain of Coltrane’s Sun Ship
clashing, rattling hacking at
my thoughts, my bones, my soul.
Dissonant energies tug through
myriadic movements
that grate my focus
to fleeting distractions
of blurred activities.
Nonstop sloth.
Gasping, choking spitting,
I jump and jerk forward,
one step closer to nowhere.

Falling I sleep, exhausted from nothingness.

In the 2 am stillness, I hear a bird
allure the coming day.
This pied piper welcomes
the hope of light with heaven’s secrets.
Morning melodies
call me forth
from a tomb
(a womb)
to new rhythms.
Step by step by step.
Breath by breath by breath.
Shalom encircling me.
I begin learning
the true slowness of
one thought, one word, one act.


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Jonathan Dodson said...

thanks for sharing your poetry about birth and life

got your post from guntondiscussion group...where did you access the audio lectures?