Saturday, June 24, 2006

[springlist] A few updates

I hope you all enjoyed Jeremy's kidneyblogging at This last
couple weeks has been an amazing whirlwind. I am still mostly confined to
the house although I went to the doctor twice this week. Early in the week I
was so tired I felt like sleeping much of the day, but my energy is
returning. I've been walking up our hill at least twice a day. This aren't
long walks just ten minutes but by the time I get to the top of the hill I
am exhuasted. And by the time I get home, Im ready for a nap.

I continue to rejoice in this wondrous blessing.

During one of my waking moments this week I decided to start another blog on
Word Press. I debated transfering all my Floydville blog to Word Press and
did in fact import all the archives. But after a couple days, I realize
these will be two very differnt blogs.

So I am keeping Floydville as the place where I will post on my meditations
that I send out to this list. And the new blog, Doug Watching, will offer
shorter entries that dela with the stuff I am researching on the Web day in
and day out.

So if anyone is interested, here are the addresses for both blogs:

Doug Watching -
Floydville -

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